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Battle Scenes in Balance with Next Generation Recoil Rig

I recently tried Zacuto’s Next Generation Recoil Rig on “Miss Earth,” a short film that features aliens fighting an epic intergalactic battle.

My go-to cameras are Canon DSLRs and the Canon EOS C300, but these cameras have very different form factors and getting them balanced on my shoulder was always a challenge. The Zacuto rig solves that problem for all cameras. The balance on this is perfect; it puts the camera on your shoulder in the exact spot you need.

I love the top handle, which lets me easily carry the camera around and smoothly take it on and off my shoulder. Zacuto has done a great job with a solid mount for the Canon C300 viewfinder, and with my other cameras I can easily mount my Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro right to the rig. The Next Generation Recoil uses a new VCT Universal baseplate with fully adjustable front rods. It’s compatible with any camera and lens situation—any accessories you might want to add to the front of the camera all attach easily to this one baseplate.

My Zacuto rig was perfect for the fast-paced battle scene in “Miss Earth.” The fact that it could go from the tripod to my shoulder in seconds was invaluable and something no other baseplate offers. The Next Generation Recoil has been missing from my kit for years. I’m so glad it’s finally here.

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