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Bart Hess Creates Slithering Creature Using Digital and Analog Techniques for Marilyn Manson

Director Bart Hess combines analog and digital techniques to create the slithering creature at the center of his music video for Marilyn Manson’s “Deep Six.”

Hess tells Promo News, “Inspired by the song’s lyrics I wanted to generate creatures that feel as if they’re partly made of pulsating water, that would slither through space on the rhythm of the track. These worm- and snake-like creatures swallow bodies on their path and taking them into a black void, where the bodies become the worms themselves. Playing with the tactility of the material I wanted to create something that is partly animalistic and inanimate, working without the use of 3D renderings. The technique is a combination of analog and digital, where an objects gets repeated in space, therefore showing its movement in time.”

Watch below.