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Bank of Ann Arbor Selects StrandVision for Video Merchandising in Bank Lobbies

StrandVision, a provider of hosted digital signage services, has announced that the Bank of Ann Arbor has selected StrandVision technology for its branch network after a successful pilot test in a single branch. The Internet-based digital signage system is being used to display bank information, products, and promotions. It replaces a kiosk network that had been used by the bank for the last nine years.

“Both our marketing and technical staffs were searching for a new video merchandising approach for our branches,” comments Jeff J. Stanton, Bank of Ann Arbor vice president and CTO. “We wanted more control over the process and easier, more versatile updating. With StrandVision, we found a web-based system that is easy, reliable, and extremely cost-effective.”

In the past, updates to the video merchandising system were submitted to a service provider that then designed and posted the update. This required up to two weeks, and the bank was charged for design and technical services for each update. Now, a marketing administrator logs into the bank”s secure area on the StrandVision website and makes the updates in realtime over the Web. This enables the bank to quickly implement promotions and display current rates: It now posts mortgage rates daily, for instance.

StrandVision takes a new approach to digital signage by delivering content directly to television screens or computer monitors over the Internet. It eliminates backroom computer and support costs and complexities; delivers reliable, flexible content; and can be implemented in a fraction of the time and at considerably less cost than traditional systems. Users can select pre-defined templates; develop their own messaging, including pictures; and include StrandVision-provided content, such as national and local news and weather. StrandVision even has the capability to automatically retrieve information, such as mortgage rates, directly from a customer”s website to avoid duplicate efforts and to ensure consistent marketing. Updates can be made as often as desired with no additional charges.

“The Bank of Ann Arbor is an innovative organization. Its marketing and technical staffs were quick to see the potential for this new approach to video merchandising,” says Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO. “StrandVision digital signage helps them be more responsive by giving the bank”s marketing staff complete and instant control of the content through our web interface without burdening the technical staff with creating and supporting a new delivery system.”

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