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Bangshock Packs A Punch with Atomos Ninja 2

John Milkovich, creative director and DP at Vancouver media company Bangshock, outfitted a Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera with an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder to shoot several nights of Muay Thai competition at the stadium in Pattaya, Thailand. The Ninja 2’s lightweight and rugged build proved to be the ideal combination for this run-and-gun production.

“This was our first experience with an external recorder, and the Ninja 2 proved to be a pretty decent external monitor too. The build, size and weight are ideal for what we need,” says Milkovich. “No more out-of-focus-stress, and when I combine the [Canon] 5D III’s magnification option with the Ninja 2’s focus peaking feature, I’m always on target.

“The video of the Muay Thai stadium in Thailand was a great configuration, an ideal balance between capturing quality compositions and run-and-gun maneuverability,” Milkovich continues. “Having the Ninja 2 for that particular shoot significantly upped the production value without limiting or hampering filming.

“Clean uncompressed HDMI out of the 5D III does not drastically improve resolution; it does, however, noticeably bump color information from our 8-bit camera sensor to record in 10-bit, giving my colorist more latitude in post,” he concludes. “You’d think ProRes HQ would be reason alone to buy the Ninja 2, but I regard the workflow and SmartLog features as a bonus return on investment.”