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Bandito Brothers Makes Off with ISIS | 1000

Bandito Brothers is a Los Angeles media company that creates, produces, manages and distributes audio-visual content. As part of our mission to redefine the studio of the future, we recently invested in the new Avid ISIS | 1000 shared storage system.

ISIS | 1000 gives us the power to share projects across a wide range of tools and staff, and to complete projects in less time. We usually edit in Avid Media Composer and finish in Adobe Premiere Pro, so we have both apps installed on almost every computer we have. The fact that Avid now provides a certified storage solution that’s more competitive and supports a wide range of editing tools is a big deal for us.

We also use Avid Pro Tools, and ISIS | 1000 allows us to share a workspace so that editors can quickly copy over an AAF or OMF file, and the sound guys can just open their workspace and pass the files they need into Pro Tools. Having editorial, sound, visual effects and color all in one super-accessible location is essential.

We knew we needed to be able to manage all the data, know where all the files are, and be on a platform that professional editors are comfortable with. And we wanted to have the choice to use Media Composer, Premiere Pro and After Effects. It’s very empowering when companies aren’t precious about this kind of stuff. It means everyone can use the right tools for the job. So when Avid announced support beyond Avid products, that was very invigorating for us. We feel very comfortable with our investment in ISIS | 1000.

Lance Holte is senior director of postproduction at Bandito Brothers.