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Azzurro HD Goes Live with Marshall

Here at Azzurro HD, we’ve been using Marshall Electronics’ new M-LYNX-702 dual monitor in our portable transmission system, which is a broadcast-quality transmission system over the public Internet. Our portable transmission system lets us basically do all the things you would do in a satellite truck, but in a suitcase-sized portable rack with wheels and a luggage handle. We can transmit and receive broadcast-quality video, we do IFB and PL, we have VoIP phone lines, and the Marshall monitor is our confidence monitor for audio and video, as well as our troubleshooting monitor for the whole system. We can use it for newsgathering, and for doing live shots from places where satellite trucks are either cost-prohibitive or simply impossible to get into place, such as from the tenth story of a hotel.

Dave Lanton

We use it for monitoring our transmit and receive on the SDI inputs, and we use the HDMI inputs for connecting to the server PC in our system for diagnostics. That’s a huge time-saver when troubleshooting.

I really like the locking DC power connector on the M-LYNX-702, which is especially useful in a portable system. One of LYNX’s most important features for us is its audio monitoring capability. Besides serving as our video confidence monitor, it’s very useful to be able to plug headphones into the LYNX and get confidence on the audio as well.

Dave Lanton, vice president of technology at Azzurro HD, has more than 20 years of experience in live network news, studio and field production, and operations. He was formerly the technical manager of NBC’s Today Show.