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axle Video Enables Worldwide Access to Video Archive

Meg Hanley is an independent filmmaker and video editor based in Long Island, NY. Recently, Meg found herself in charge of a video archiving project involving thousands of hours of footage from a variety of legacy videotape formats. The footage needed to be accessible to colleagues around the world via a web interface. Her hunt for a solution brought her to axle Video.

Hanley found that an axle appliance, in conjunction with a transportable QNAP storage system, would do exactly what she needed. Despite having no in-house IT staff and limited IT technical experience, she created a comprehensive and reliable archive that is searchable, browse-able and available for collaborative access. Hanley uses axle as part of the aQ-12 bundle, which combines axle’s media management solution with QNAP’s storage hardware. The whole system weighs less than 15 pounds and is the size of a toaster, yet holds 12 TB of data. The system uses RAID 6, so failures of any drive, and even two drives, will not result in data loss. It is connected via gigabit Ethernet to Hanley’s Mac and PC systems.

“I love the system because it lets me tackle a much bigger project than I could otherwise on my own and without any professional help,” says Hanley. “The axle browser interface presents every video clip, music clip, photograph and document of this extensive archive in a very easily viewable and playable format. My colleagues are able to get their jobs done very simply and systematically from anywhere they can get online, including mobile devices.”