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Autodesk’s Smoke 2015 Is Beyond Basic Editing

Chris Hengeveld of postPerspective reviews Autodesk’s Smoke 2015, writing, “Although I don’t think of Smoke as a replacement for Avid or Final Cut Pro, Smoke has basic capabilities that equal many of the features in these programs. Projects can be done from start to finish. However Smoke’s strength is in its ability to move beyond basic editorial. Going from conforming to VFX to finishing is more fitting for this application. Avid and Final Cut Pro have long been the go-­to software for editorial. Each have their strengths but both have their limits for VFX, color grading and finishing. Smoke’s ability to read an XML, EDL or AAF makes compatibility with Avid and Final Cut Pro more seamless than in the past. It has more accurate translation of Avid’s and Final Cut Pro’s speed changes, position, rotation, scaling, blend modes and transparency than before.”

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