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Autodesk Releases New Versions of VFX, Editing and Digital Color Grading Systems

Autodesk, Inc.

released new versions of its visual effects, editing/finishing and digital color grading systems. Used to create high-value feature film and television content, Autodesk’s systems have enabled digital artists to realize their ideas on major projects, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Fantastic Four,” “Spider-Man 2,” “The Sopranos” and the “CSI” franchise. The new systems will be showcased at the Autodesk Booth at the SIGGRAPH exhibition in Los Angeles,

August 2-4, 2005.

New versions include Autodesk’s Discreet Fire 7.0 and Discreet Smoke 7.0 editing systems, Discreet Inferno 6.5, Discreet Flame 9.5 and Discreet Flint 9.5 visual effects systems, and the Discreet Lustre 2.6 digital color grading system. Autodesk’s SGI-based Fire, Smoke, Inferno and Flame systems feature a new 64-bit architecture, delivering superior performance in handling the increasingly large and complex data sets of today’s digital media creation.

Key New Features in Fire 7.0 and Smoke 7.0

— 64-bit architecture

— New, optimized Timewarp:

— Clip History

— Soft text in timeline

— Burn from the timeline

— Overlay user interface (UI) for color correction

— DPX keycode support

Key New Features in Inferno 6.5, Flame 9.5 and Flint 9.5 Systems

— 64-bit architecture

— Motion Estimation Timewarp

— Layer-based Paint

Key New Features in Lustre 2.6 System

— New editorial metadata architecture and subsystem enables powerful new conform and editorial capabilities

— XML-based cut files enable more transparent cross-vendor interoperability

— Intelligent handling of problematic edit decision lists (EDLs)

— Expanded film key code and video timecode handling

— Expanded flags system and new integrated notes for greater project collaboration

— Enhanced linear-mode primary color correction

— User-selectable keyer source as pre/post input primary

— Improved browser performance with fast parsing of huge clip libraries

— Autodesk Stone Shared optimization increases real-time performance from centralized storage area network (SAN)

The Fire 7.0, Smoke 7.0 and Lustre 2.6 systems are now shipping. It is anticipated that the Inferno 6.5, Flame 9.5 and Flint 9.5 systems will be available in late summer 2005 to customers covered by appropriate and valid annual Autodesk Media and Entertainment Division support or subscription contracts.