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Asylum Improves Productivity with Panasas

Asylum Entertainment and its Framework Post television postproduction operations face daily pressures to deliver high-quality final content for television shows and TV miniseries. Framework Post’s postproduction business has doubled two years in a row, placing increasing demands on its underlying technical infrastructure. In response, Allen Dial, senior vice president of postproduction at Asylum, selected the Panasas ActiveStor 14 hybrid scale-out NAS solution.

“With ActiveStor, I can have a virtually unlimited number of users editing off a single global namespace, all with a single log-in. You cannot imagine how much this has helped manageability,” says Dial. “ActiveStor allowed us to get entirely on a single network.”

By deploying ActiveStor, Framework Post was able to completely eliminate offline postproduction processes. Dial says, “Panasas is such a scalable solution, where capacity and bandwidth scale in parallel, that we are able to eliminate our offline process entirely.

“We have been able to take the source media we shoot, bring it into ActiveStor in its native codec, and directly edit the source media,” he continues. Editors can work on multiple platforms and multiple software clients—including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Smoke and others—on the same storage platform at the same speeds across the entire facility.