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Astrophotographer Jeff Frost Creates Stunning Video for U2 Show

The Creators Project offers a look at astrophotographer Jeff Frost and the wild imagery he created for U2, incorporating images from CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), a server farm and his timelapse and astrophotography work.  

“When I was contacted for this gig I started to listen to all the old records again, and I found myself amazed that I had ever lost touch,” he says. He shares one particular favorite with filmmaker Aoife McArdle, whose U2-inspired masterpiece debuted on The Creators Project back in February: “‘Every Breaking Wave’ has become my favorite U2 song,” Frost confesses. “It’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking and it’s me.” 

Of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” Frost remarks: “There’s some kind of strange energy at work in the desert. It permeates the work I’ve done there just as it permeates the entire Joshua Tree album. The visuals consist of desert scenes and optical illusions I painted on abandoned houses. Most of the paintings were done in the same general area as the Joshua Treealbum cover. The song ends with a timelapse clip of concentric circles created by light painting with the stars in the sky. It matches perfectly with the hypnotic echoing guitar outro of the song. I think this is the shot that Bono remarked on in rehearsals.”