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ASSIMILATE Announces Support for RED SDK 4.2, Raises the Bar for RED Workflows with the Release of SCRATCH 6.1

ASSIMILATE has shipped the 6.1 versions of its renowned SCRATCH digital intermediate finishing tool.

This new version offers new features designed to deliver higher productivity and creativity to artists working with RED and HDRx media, as well as those working in production grading and finishing pipelines. SCRATCH version 6.1 provides support for the upcoming Element control panel from Tangent, and includes the support for SDI output on the Mac via AJA KONA 3G cards first announced at IBC, 2011.

The new features of SCRATCH 6.1 include:
– Enhanced support for RED workflows: The first DI vendor to launch support for the new RED SDK 4.2, ASSIMILATE again extends their leadership position in RED workflows, delivering dramatic performance improvements and additional creative options for handling HDRx media.

– Performance enhancements up to 6x working with RED media. Optimized image processing based on output project resolution, automatically sets the resolution for maximum performance at load time. This allows SCRATCH 6.1 users who shoot at 5K, but require delivery at lower resolutions, to work much faster and with more scaffolds. Users can choose to use the automatic setup or adjust the target resolution per shot. If the system has a Red Rocket decoder card all rescaling is done on the card. But even without a RED Rocket card, SCRATCH 6.1 allows artists to set the resolution and filter, to scale to the final target resolution, using software-only decoding.

– New, creative options for working with HDRx media. Maximize the power and flexibility of shooting with high dynamic range via the new “Simple Blend” and “Magic Motion” features. The Magic Motion post-processing feature allows artists to customize motion blur characteristics to HDRx clips, while the Simple Blend option creates an automatic blending of the X and A tracks of an HDRx image. SCRATCH 6.1 supports these features with the same powerful, intuitive scaffolds interface that has made it the ultimate DI companion for RED media since original RED One.

“Working with the latest RED support in SCRATCH 6.1, has enabled me to work with RED HDRx footage while maintaining a pure RAW workflow, which would otherwise have been impossible” said New York-based Nat Jencks, and independent color/VFX/DI artist. “I always prefer working from RAW files when possible rather than pre-rendering to DPX, so this has saved me a lot of pain, and has given me the flexibility I wanted.”

– New SDI output architecture: ASSIMILATE has expanded its SPA plug in API to offer SDI card vendors a wealth of tools to deliver a broad range of output, mastering and backup options to SCRATCH artists.

– SDI output on the Mac via the AJA Kona family of cards. From the LHi to the Kona 3Gs, SCRATCH now enables artists to work with 10 and even 12-bit calibrated displays and output to VTR, with embedded timecode and audio, via HDSDI.

– Full SCRATCH PLAYOUT control of an HDSDI signal via the AJA Kona cards. Now SCRATCH artists on the Mac can output to VTR via AJA Kona SDI cards with full machine control. This allows artists working in spot and episodic television workflows to master and even back up to tape, without rendering.

– The expanded SPA API allows any vendor to deliver unique functionality to SCRATCH. Additional announcements will be forthcoming over the course of 2012.

“AJA has always been about offering our customers the widest range of choices when it comes to digital video interface solutions”, said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “We’re excited to team with ASSIMILATE to bring the price-performance benefits of our industry-leading KONA cards to SCRATCH 6.1 users. SCRATCH is one of the most dynamic tools in the television and broadcast post-production environment, and we look forward to working together to enhance the creativity and productivity of artists around the world.”

SCRATCH 6.1 follows in the tradition of offering fast, intuitive access to the entire range of controls via a broad spectrum of control panels – from no panel at all to the new Tangent Element. Highlighted for its elegant and compact yet powerful design, the Element is one of the most anticipated control panels in years, and SCRATCH 6.1 is already optimized for it out-of-the box.

Pricing & Availability:
SCRATCH is available immediately and is a free upgrade for users who are currently on maintenance and support. New licenses are available for purchase at $17,995, for either MacOS X or Windows 7.