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ASC Calls For Entries in the Student Heritage Award Competition

LOS ANGELES, September 3, 2003-The American Society ofCinematographers (ASC) is accepting applications for the 2004 ASCConrad L. Hall Heritage Award. The award is presented annually to oneor more students in advanced classes at colleges and universities inthe United States with qualified film school curriculums. Each year theHeritage Award is dedicated to the memory of a differentcinematographer who made enduring contributions to advancing the art offilmmaking. The presentation will take place during the 18th Annual ASCOutstanding Achievement Awards on Feb. 8, 2004, here at the CenturyPlaza Hotel.

“This honor is designed to inspire the next generation ofcinematographers, and help them pursue their dreams,” says LaszloKovacs, ASC, chairman of the Education Committee. “It also celebratesthe memory of our most extraordinary artists. Conrad Hall was a giantamong cinematographers and filmmakers.”

Film school department deans and chairs are invited to recommendstudents for the award. Eligible students must be in their final yearof school or have graduated within the past year. The winner(s) will bechosen by a jury of ASC members. The deadline for entries is noon, onOct. 31, 2003.

Conrad L. Hall, ASC earned ten Oscar nominations during a careerthat spanned five decades. He took top honors in 1969 for Butch Cassidyand the Sundance Kid, in 2000 for American Beauty, and in 2003 for Roadto Perdition. His other nominations were for Morituri, TheProfessionals, In Cold Blood, Day of the Locust, Tequila Sunrise,Searching for Bobby Fischer and A Civil Action.

Hall was born and raised in Papeete, Tahiti. His father was JamesNorman Hall, who co-authored Mutiny on the Bounty and other classicnovels. His parents sent him to school at the University of SouthernCalifornia with instructions to find a career. Serendipity led Hallinto the film department and cinematography.

He served a brief apprenticeship as an assistant cameraman andoperator, earning his first narrative credits for the television seriesStoney Burke and The Outer Limits. His first feature credit was forWild Seed in 1965. He subsequently compiled such credits as CoolHand Luke, Marathon Man>/i>, Without Limits, BlackWidow, Fat City, Jennifer Eight, and ClassAction.

Hall received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the ASC in 1993 andCamerimage International Festival of Cinematography in 1995. He alsoearned four ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards for a theatrical release(Tequila Sunrise, 1988; Searching for Bobby Fischer 1993; AmericanBeauty, 2000; Road to Perdition, 2003). Hall died on January 4, 2003 inLos Angeles. He was 76 years old.

For more information about the 2004 ASC Conrad L.Hall HeritageAward, contact Patty Armacost at 323-969-4333, or visit the ASC Website www.theasc.comto download an application with the details.