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Artist Santtu Mustonen Takes 3D Graffiti to the New York City Ballet

Artist Santtu Mustonen’s Cross Pollination is a new large-scale video art installation currently showing in the foyer of Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater as part of the New York City Ballet’s NYCB Art Series, now in its fifth year.

To create the piece, Mustonen digitized bursts of spray paint and rendered them in 3D. “[I went] nuts for a couple of days, [spray painting] different versions of stripes, different color combinations, then piling them on my table, like making a collage,” he tells The Creators Project. “I don’t ever want to tell a straight story, or like, show a thing that makes people say, ‘Oh, I know what that is.’ That’s why I, at first, was unsure about the statues [that permanently preside over the space], because my work is never figurative. I want the imagination to take over everything. I more work on emotion and the abstract feelings that you build by yourself.”

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