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Artist Magdalena Fernández Repurposes Her Stormy Work to Live Inside a Water Cistern

Artist Magdalena Fernández has repurposed her 2009 video installation piece


 to take up the space in the decommissioned 

Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.



, Fernandez used multiple projectors to create a deconstructed black-and-white rainstorm on the Cistern’s walls, ceilings and columns.

“It’s completely different now. The size of the space already gives you the feeling of being in another place, and the echoes of 70 seconds seem more real. The sound keeps reverberating, so you feel like the storm is coming from far away and is arriving,” Fernández tells


. “The idea of being in a huge space where the central issue is nature is for me very special. I made this piece in 2009, but it really feels like I made it for this space … the Cistern is the perfect match of modern art and nature.”

Watch it in action below and read the full story