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ARRI Announces ARRI HD-IVS Video Assist System for 35mm Film Cameras

As a breakthrough in motion picture equipment, the ARRI High Definition Integrated Video System (HD-IVS) uses innovative digital sensor and image processing to create a high resolution video assist image from a film camera. Wide dynamic range and excellent color reproduction are combined with ARRI’s unique Ground Glass Cancellation (GGC) technology to provide beautiful, high quality preview images. The HD-IVS allows a superior image for the director and cinematographer on set to judge each take while shooting 35mm film.

A new 1920 x 1080 CCD sensor combined with 10 bit processing supplies three 1920 x 1080 HD-SDI outputs at all the standard HD scanning options and frame rates with excellent color reproduction and three stops more dynamic range than its standard definition predecessor. ARRI’s unique Ground Glass Cancellation (GGC) technology removes the ground glass texture that has marred video assists for decades, resulting in clean and sharp preview images on the film set. The new motorized iris exposure control ensures the best exposure and thus best signal/noise ratio for the HD video assist image. The HD-IVS retains virtually all features of the traditional standard definition IVS: simple operation, flicker free mode, built-in frame line and text inserter, automatic or manual gain control and various white balance options. The product integrates closely with the ARRICAM Studio, ARRICAM Lite, 435 ES/Advanced or Xtreme while also extending the camera’s lifecycle. In addition, the HD-IVS can capture HD still images onto a USB stick for a more efficient workflow, and anamorphic images can now be de-squeezed directly in the video assist.

HD Integrated Video Assist

Available from now at a price of 17,000 Euro, the HD-IVS provides the best HD preview image on the set while shooting 35mm film.

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