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ARRI Amira Impresses with Picture Quality, Ease of Use

Production company SOAK Studios recently decided to purchase an ARRI Amira and writes about their first week with the camera on ARRI’s site.

They write, “At SOAK and Ron Piano Productions we needed an in-house camera that could give us cinema quality images, but also allow us to use it for all sorts of run-and-gun shooting. To us, the AMIRA is the perfect blend. We don’t think it’ll be long before music videos, short films and even low budget features will be using this as their A cam. Our first test shoot with the AMIRA we only had myself, Matt Marek and our lovely actress Sara Soligo. No tripod, no crew, no lights — just the camera, a Fujinon Cabrio lens and our model. In under two hours we shot a camera test that blew our minds with picture quality and was so insanely easy to shoot we could edit on practically any system.”

Read more here and see both the ungraded and graded version of their camera test below.