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ARRI Alexa Mini vs. Canon C100 (The Results May Surprise You)

In the below video, LensProtoGo’s Evan Bourcier compares the ARRI Alexa Mini (a $40K camera) with the Canon C100 (a $4K camera) to determine which might really be the better investment.

As 4K Shooters writes, “Imagine that your next project takes place in the middle of nowhere in Africa where you need to shoot for long, exhausting days (or even weeks) in a row relying only on the gear you have in your backpack. No matter how tempting it could be to take an ARRI Alexa Mini with you just think about all the accessories you would need to keep this high-end camera up and running. The ARRI Alexa Mini is relatively small, but still way bigger than a camera such as the Canon C100 or the Canon C100 Mark II. Once you put the PL mount lens, attach a cage and an EVF to control the camera itself along with the battery pack on the back, the Alexa Mini camera rig becomes at least twice as big and heavy.”

Watch below and read the full story here.