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ARRI Alexa 65 Captures Period Gangster Film ‘Live By Night’

Cinematographer Robert Richardson speaks to ARRI about using the Alexa 65 to lens Ben Affleck’s period gangster film Live By Night.

“Lighting was impacted, particularly from my perception that the ASA is even higher than advertised, which meant we could work with much smaller lights or no lighting at all — beyond practicals — in some locations,” Richardson says about working with the camera. “I did need to work with all departments to allow them to witness the degree to which detail is captured, as well as color and skin tone. This is clearly a concern to all departments, in particular hair and makeup, because the digital image is only getting more detailed as time moves on. At what point does it become too much? And in the future how do we find solutions that prevent the large screen from appearing like a video game, unless that is the desire, which I am not opposed to. But for a period film such as this I felt — as Ben did — that we needed a softer patina.”

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