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Archival Footage and Sound Informs the Sound Design of ‘Patriots Day’

Peter Berg’s Patriots Day recreates the Boston Marathon bombing of four years ago and combines a myriad of archival footage with the fictional footage shot for the movie. As such, the sound design also relied heavily on material available from the real events.

“These were our starting point when designing the sounds of the film, too,” supervising sound editor Dror Mohar said at a recent panel, as reported by Cinemontage. “We also used this material to create a layer of audio that weaves in and out of the film comprised solely of unprocessed captured archival audio to contribute to the identity of the sound in the film — like tapes of the communications between government officials and the police. Sixty percent of the movie has at least one layer of sound from the real, original occurrences.”

Adds sound designer/supervising sound editor Piero Mura, “We understood we had to go very realistic and very visceral, using sound to explore and convey the psychological state of each character.”

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