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An Appreciation for the Opening Title Sequence of ‘Delicatessen’

If you’ve seen the opening title sequence for Delicatessen–the wonderfully dark French comedy about a post-apocalyptic world where the only readily available meat is human flesh–you’re not likely to forget it. It immediately sets the tone for the macabre, quirky world of the film which was co-directed by Amelie‘s Jean-Pierre Jeunet, whose visual style should also be pretty apparent.

Says Imaginary Forces‘ Karin Fong about the sequence, “The production design in macro is fantastic, all the details and texture, along with the music, are so charming. But more than that, how it weaves in each of the crew credits with cleverness – the DP’s credit etched on the camera, the music credit on a broken record. I’ve always appreciated how integrated the titles are with the environment, as if they are waiting for you to discover each one.”

Read her full appreciation here on Art of the Title.