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Apple May Not Need Macworld, But Many Apple Partners May

So posits a reader that goes by the name MacUser. He points out that:

While Apple is able to host their own events very successfully, I feel that Macworld is really the opportunity for those third Party developers to really show their wares. This eco system of third party developers is part of what makes a Mac so great. I have to believe that this will hurt third party developers and eventually hurt the Mac user’s experience. If their is no headliner Keynote, how many people and big time developers will show up. This is not the same as Apple pulling out of NAB or other trade shows where Apple is just one other big company, this is Macworld, there is no Macworld with out Apple.

It’s a good point. Apple understandably would like to be rid of the need to develop its products on Macworld’s timetable, but lesser companies need the exposure. Sure, the fast-declining role of trade shows generally means this is less true than it was. But at the least, having Apple hold onlyh its own events will give the company even more of a chokehold over which of its partners—particularly ISVs—to promote. Take the 10,000 plus apps now in the App Store, for example. At MacWorld, a small ISV might have a chance to drum up some business on the show floor to the throngs of Jobs-watchers. Now, the only hope is that Jobs will mention their app during one of Apple’s own presentation.

What do you think: Is Apple being self-centered or even short-sighted in its decision to neuter Macworld’s usefulness to the larger Apple ecosystem? Or is it being smart to put a fork in the most famous Apple-related tradeshow, and should ISVs follow its lead and stop investing in tradeshows, as well?

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