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Apple iPad Spot Focuses on Filmmaking Apps

A new Apple iPad spot that aired during the Oscars showed how students from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts use the tablet to make short films. The narration is from Martin Scorsese’s 2014 commencement speech to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

In it Scorsese explains why he doesn’t subscribe to the “inspirational value” of the phrase “follow your dreams.” “Dreaming is a way of trivializing the process of the obsession that carries you through the failure as well as the successes, which could be harder to get through,” he says. “If you’re dreaming, you’re sleeping, and it’s important and imperative to always be awake to your feelings, your possibilities, your ambitions.”

The list of apps used for the spot, which incidentally was also shot on the iPad Air 2, can be found here on Apple’s website. They include camera app FiLMiC Pro, GarageBand for recording sound, VideoGrade for color grading, and Final Draft Writer for writing a script.

Watch the spot below.