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Apace Systems Launches ViEW Collaborative Video Editing Workflow via Internet

Apace Systems announces the immediate availability of its ViEW system platform, an end-to-end workflow for remote collaborative video editing at a global scale.

ViEW allows the media editing workflow to be completely virtualized beyond physical locations. From anywhere in the world, media editors can edit and access each other’s media content, expediting the process of ingesting, editing and collaborative communication of any media. With a simple browser and over Internet or VPN, a rough cut of raw video can be easily edited online and presented to target audiences instantly.

The benefits in efficiency and cost savings are tremendous as editing, peer review and approval process of media cuts are streamlined. Editors can simply communicate, edit and cut at the timecode level on raw and proxy footage using a back-end database managing collaborative video editing process between different remote editing locations globally. A director, from the field, can directly access and offer editing instructions at video clips and timecode level to the head office, drastically cutting down editing time to final cut.

The ViEW technology’s self-contained system platform includes all needed hardware and software to interoperate with or without any popular video editing software. A user needs only a browser with Internet access to edit. The system is independent from local OS. ViEW also provides mechanisms to support EDL, closed-caption and transcode for flexibility and interoperability among different formats and editing environments.

Combined with Apace’s postMAM media asset management, ViEW offers a complete virtualized video editing workflow to upload, ingest and edit raw footage via the Internet so editors can collaborate anywhere around the world. The system supports instant customer feedback and peer review.

Further with Apace’s Octopa, Apace provides an ecosystem for facility-wide storage and project management. The storage management includes SAN islands like Unity/ISIS, XSAN, or other SAN, NAS, DAS and client local storage. Project management features enable project scheduling, project progress monitoring, communications of concept/idea exchange at project, video clip and sequence level. Contrary to the conventional approach, all the functions are Web-based for a completely virtualized OS-independent media worldwide workflow.