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Anthony Dod Mantle on What Hooks Him as a Cinematographer

Rush cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle talks to Definition Magazine about his work on the Formula 1 racing movie and on what sort of work he’s been drawn to throughout his career.

Says Dod Mantle, “I just like stories, I get drawn in to dramas. This is my kind of story. What caught me about Rush, what caught me about Slumdog, what caught me about Anti-Christ, what caught me about Celebration, just to name four very different films are the dramas. Also Peter Morgan was the writer who I worked with on Last King Of Scotland, I love working with his words. I’ve watched him closely and spent quite a bit of time with him. He seems to write films about people who have empathy but it’s complicated. In Rush you’ve got these two strange characters who would never confess to actually liking each other but they really can’t do without each other. That’s true of real life as well as the drama.”

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