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‘Ant-Man’ Cinematography: Small is the New Big

Ant-Man cinematographer Russell Carpenter, ASC, director Peyton Reed, camera operator Peter Rosenfeld, SOC, Macro Unit director of photography Rebecca Baehleran, and production designer Shepherd Frankel all discuss the film’s production in the Camera Guild magazine. They explain how they created two distinct cinematic worlds: the “real world,” and the world in which ant-sized superhero Ant-Man foils bad guys.

Carpenter explains, “There is a real art to working at this scale. One inch off the ground is like 15 feet in the air. From an ant’s perspective, you move 4 inches, to a human perspective that’s a football field! And when moving the camera, vibration becomes a tremendous problem, requiring careful consideration.”

Read ICG magazine’s interview with Ant Man‘s key contributors: Big as Life: Russell Carpenter, ASC, Joins the Marvel “Colony” for Its Latest Page-to-Screen Hero, the Mighty, Tiny Ant-Man. (July 9, 2015)