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Angénieux Debuts First Two Models of EZ Zoom Lenses

Angénieux is presenting the first two models of its new Type EZ line of zoom lenses–Angénieux Type EZ-1 and Type EZ-2–at IBC this week.

Explains Film and Digital Times, “Here are two new, convertible, compact zooms from Thales Angénieux, in cooperation with Band Pro and Jebsen Industrial. The new Angénieux Type EZ zoom lenses cover both Super35 and Full Frame/VistaVision. Their small size and light weight seem to defy physics. (Aren’t Full Frame lenses supposed to be at least 1.5 to 2 times the size and weight of their S35 counterparts? Not these.) The price defies tradition. This is a new paradigm for Angénieux: an affordable zoom lens filling the gap between the DSLR and Cinema lenses for the growing corporate, documentary and owner-operator markets.”

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