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Ang Lee Is Just Beginning to Learn the Language of 3D

Fresh off of his Oscar win for best director, Ang Lee, editor Tim Squyres and writer David Magee were recently on-hand to discuss their film Life of Pi at its Blu-ray/DVD release party.

Says Lee about working in 3D, “I think the movie is encouraging for the industry to watch 3D…I don’t think everybody is really doing it carefully yet, but we’ll get there pretty soon. It gets better every month. This is a new cinematic language we are all trying out. Whether eventually people think of some other ways or if it will take over we do not really know. I can’t tell, I just made one. But I know I’m just in the beginning of learning that language. It’s very different how we stage things. How we give volumes. How we deal with the things that we used to compensate in our heads for the lack of depth in the flat screen. All of that is changing and how do you build a language and a trust in that media. I think it will still have a way to go. Where it’s going to go I don’t know. I see positive things to it. I know I want to try it again to get to know it better. I’ve just began to look at this media. I think it’s got to get better and cheaper, more filmmakers would like to try it then the projector system will get better too. Then we’ll see. It doesn’t matter what you think, how the critics are viewing it, or how people come at it. It’s just going to take its own way whether it rises or falls. It’s going to take its own route.”

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