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Amy Berg: What Motivated Her to Make ‘Prophet’s Prey’

Dan Schindel interviews documentary filmmaker Amy Berg (Deliver us From Evil) on the site nonfics about her new feature, Prophets’ Prey, that focuses on Warren Jeffs and his breakaway sect of the Church of Latter Day Saints. 

Berg touches on a number of subjects, including the recurring theme of the mixture of sexual abuse and religion: “When you look at the statistics for people who are high risk offenders in prison,” she observes, “there’s a huge percentage of criminals who have been perpetrators or victims of sexual abuse. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to stop. It crosses lots of different stories, and the religious aspect is definitely in many of my films. With this one, I was interested in the power of this madman and his cult, and the blind state. After you start digging deeper, you find all the sexual abuse that’s going on with the underage girls and boys.”