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American Disaster Films Inspire Norwegian Blockbuster ‘The Wave’

Norwegian blockbuster The Wave takes a look as to what would happen if the country’s mountains collapsed into the fjords, creating a tsunami. The popular film mixes an intimate family drama with a large-scale disaster film.

“I love American movies and I grew up watching movies like Jaws, Twister, Dante’s Peak and Armageddon,” director Roar Uhtag tells The Moveable Fest. “I watched all of those, and I’m sure that was an influence in the back of our minds somehow, but we also were influenced more by how modern action movies are told, like the Bourne movies where it’s more documentary-style shooting, and it’s not superheroes and everybody is cut out of cardboard. There’s humanity to it that’s more like independent family dramas, which was [an idea] mixing around in our heads while we’re planning, writing and shooting the movie.”