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Amazon Comedy ‘I Love Dick’ Is a Story About What Happens When Women Reclaim Their Voices

"So many of these feelings are about women wanting so badly to be heard," says creator Jill Soloway.

Amazon’s new show I Love Dick is a dark comedy about what happens when one couple falls in love with the same man. When the show premiered at Sundance, creator Jill Soloway (Transparent) made no qualms about the show’s feminist agenda, right down to its decision to hire all-female directors.

“[The screening was] so emotional for me,” Soloway said at the premiere as reported by IndieWire. “I just sat there crying the whole time. Because it’s so much about directing and finding your own voice. So many of these feelings are about women wanting so badly to be heard.”

“[In the show] we see what happens to the women in town as one woman loses her shame,” she continued. “They all start to lose their shame. And jobs are lost, institutions fail… As women start to get rid of their shame it really does cause these ripples of problems. The story is a model of what happens in the world as women start to reclaim their voices.”

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