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‘Amanda Knox’ Provides a Deeper Look at the People Within the Snow Globe

Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst’s Netflix documentary Amanda Knox provides a different aspect to the murder story everyone thinks they know. By speaking to the key people in the case–the accused Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, and journalist Nick Pisa–the documentary paints a picture of sensationalism turning conjecture into fact in the court of public opinion.

“In 2011, we wanted to take a first-person narrative look inside the snow globe, because everything that was happening was from the outside looking in,” Blackhurst tells IndieWire

“What we find with this story is that people look at Amanda Knox or the prosecutor or the journalists and come to conclusions based on their prejudices and biases in the way they look at the world,” adds McGinn. “For us, it ties to a larger societal question: how do we get these burnt-in opinions? People tend to see the world in black and white and choose a side on every issue. It seems that we can’t argue for complexity anymore, or take a position in a grey zone.”

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