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Alma Mater Creates (Endless) End Credits for ’22 Jump Street’

Alma Mater collaborated with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on the closing credits for 22 Jump Street. The sequence features an elaborate concept: movie posters that reveal endless possibilities for continuing the Jump Street franchise, from 23 Jump Street: Medical School to 2121 Jump Street (in outer space) to Infinity Jump Street.

“While Phil and Chris shot the live-action scenes, we shot hundreds of stills of the cast,” reports Alma Mater partner and creative director Brian Mah. “The actors would bounce back and forth between our sets throughout the day, changing into a new costume for each sequel.”

The Alma Mater team then set to work designing and integrating all of the elements that would make up each sequence, producing 21 full-scale movie posters, a video game and a cel-animated cartoon, as well as action figures, lunchboxes and board games based on the film.