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All About the New iPhone 6’s Camera Capabilities

EOSHD’s Andrew Reid goes in-depth about the just-announced iPhone 6’s updated camera capabilities, which include 240 fps high-speed video capture, a new Apple video encoder, optical image stabilization and more.

He writes, “In the live event, Apple suggests better low light performance comes from a sensor which again is slightly larger, a similar increase in size as seen with the 5S over the 5. The 6 Plus has optical image stabilisation (lens based) whilst the smaller iPhone 6 does not. Apple teased clean low light test shots from the iPhone 6 Plus taken using optical image stabilisation and slow shutter speeds…For me the big feature as a filmmaker is 240fps. That is some very dramatic slow-mo – and although resolution remains only 720p it’s going to make for some good creative possibilities especially whilst travelling.”

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