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Alfonso Gomez-Rejon on How Directing Television Helped Him Helm ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the director of the record-breaking Sundance film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl–which ultimately was purchased for $12 million–talks to Sundance Institute about how his years of being mentored by Martin Scorsese and Nora Ephron, along with his experience directing television, informed his work on the acclaimed feature film.

He explains, “I think with television time constraints worked certain muscles to help me adapt to problems with very little time or very little prep. Even though some of my producers are used to working with more prep time I had a very short prep. To me it was a luxury because on some TV shows you might have a day to prep an episode or you might go from one to the next without any prep. You get used to that speed and coming up with solutions on the spot. It works those muscles, but it makes you appreciate time when you have it on a movie like this.”

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