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ALEXA Advances Anamorphic Cinematography

ARRI unveils the ALEXA Plus 4:3, a new ALEXA model with similar functionality to the ALEXA Plus but featuring a 4:3 Super 35 sensor, the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode and built-in licenses for high speed shooting, anamorphic de-squeeze and DNxHD.

The ALEXA Plus 4:3 joins the ALEXA Studio and ALEXA M, which already have 4:3 sensors, rounding out a line-up that now represents the perfect solution for anamorphic productions. The Studio might typically function as an A-camera, the Plus 4:3 as a B-camera and the M as a compact, versatile C-camera.

Anamorphic lenses squeeze the image by a factor of two, thus projecting a 1.195:1 aspect ratio image onto the sensor. When using sensors that are natively 16:9 or even wider, it is necessary to crop the sides, resulting in a much smaller used sensor area and a different angle of view for the lens. With the ALEXA 4:3 cameras, the full area of the sensor is used which means more light per photosite, translating into greater sensitivity, less noise, more exposure latitude and sharper images – in short, a much higher image quality retained. Alternatively, the larger sensor area can be used for greater freedom in vertical repositioning when using spherical lenses.

It is not possible to upgrade from any version of the ALEXA to the ALEXA Plus 4:3 since the yield for ALEXA 4:3 sensors is lower than that for 16:9 sensors.

ALEXA Plus 4:3 Main Features

– A true ARRI ALEXA camera
– Exceptional overall image quality
– Efficient and versatile workflows
– ARRI product quality and reliability
– Simple and safe operation
– Global ARRI sales and service support
– All of ALEXA Plus features
– 4:3 Super 35 Sensor
– Ideal for anamorphic shoots
– Extra room for vertical repositioning of spherical images
– Includes license keys for anamorphic de-squeeze, high speed and DNxHD

The ALEXA Plus 4:3 will be available in May with pricing at €67,900. See more from ARRI at NAB Booth # C6737.