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Alex Winter’s Documentary Digs into the Deep Web

Actor-turned-director Alex Winter looks at the case of Ross William Ulbricht, founder of the international contraband source, Silk Road, and the life sentence he received for a laundry list of crimes.KC Iffeanyi writes in Fast Company about Winter and his new documentary, Dark Web. “Winter gains exclusive access to Ulbricht’s family and key operators of Silk Road for an engaging breakdown of one of the most seminal cyber cases in recent history. Winter wades into the murky allegations of Ulbricht’s murder-for-hire plots, the mystery of Silk Road ambassador(s) ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ and the raging debate over online anonymity and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to extract a narrative that breathes humanity into the nether regions of the web and challenges how the media covers and the government prosecutes cyber crimes.” 

WInter explains that his film is designed to go beyond commonly held myths about people like Ulbricht. “Part of the myth Winter has been trying to debunk with both Deep Web and Downloaded is that of the hoodie-wearing, lone-wolf hacker—an image that continues to circulate in shows like Mr. Robot.

“‘They’re always these social miscreants in a hoodie who have no friends, who can’t function, who are totally solitary, who are completely Machiavellian or who have very warped, psychopathic views, and that is just not the case,’ Winter says. ‘There is something very foul about the way we’re responding to these technological changes and how we’re demonizing this generation that’s mostly a brilliant generation.'”

Deep Web from BOND Strategy & Influence on Vimeo.