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Is Albert Maysles’ ‘Iris’ Destined for ‘Grey Gardens’ Greatness?

Indiewire‘s Joe Ehrman-Dupre explains why he thinks Albery Maysles’ Iris is destined to reach the same beloved cult status as his breakout film, Grey Gardens.

He writes, “Iris Apfel is the star, a wealthy uptowner who, were she a little more average, might be among the socialite elite. As it stands, Iris is a widely known name in the design and fashion worlds who only recently achieved national recognition from a 2006 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition displaying her diverse and vast collection of jewelry, clothing, and accessories. A longtime fabric designer alongside her husband, Carl, the self-proclaimed ‘geriatric starlet’ is now a model, teacher, and speaker on topics surrounding fashion and personal style. Though always successful, her late-in-life career turnaround is remarkable. Her fascinating demeanor is even more astounding.”

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