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AJA Ki Pro Quad Backs Up ‘Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?’

On the film Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?, director of photography Gale Tattersall employed AJA’s Ki Pro Quad solid-state recorder and Canon EOS C500 camera to capture and record more than 40 hours of 4K ProRes 4444 footage over the course of 17 days of production. “I loved how easy it was to use the Ki Pro Quad and was impressed by how well it worked with the C500, as well as the quality of the resulting footage,” Tattersall says.

Director of photography Gale Tattersall

After wrapping each day, the production team removed the AJA Pak solid-state drives from the Ki Pro Quad and uploaded the footage across Thunderbolt via the AJA Pak Dock drive reader to a Light Iron OUTPOST system for the creation of on-set dailies and synchronization with WAV files recorded by the sound department. On-set digital imaging technician Rafel Montoya reviewed the footage, applied a standard LUT and completed color correction.

The on-set OUTPOST system transcoded the files to Avid DNxHD 115 for editorial and H.264 for streaming dailies (via Editor Tony Ciccone cut the film in Avid Media Composer 7, with plug-ins from Boris FX and GenArts. Once picture was locked, the original 4K ProRes 4444 files were conformed from an Avid list at Light Iron and color-corrected in 4K on a Quantel Pablo Rio, which uses AJA’s Corvid Ultra hardware for real-time 4K finishing workflows.