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After Effects and Boris Continuum’s Cartooner Help Simulate Old-School Arcade Games for Music Video

Band member and director Hop Litzwire relied on a RED Epic, Adobe After Effects, and Boris Continuum‘s Cartooner to get the old-school arcade look for his music video for BOBGOBLIN’s “Sinistar.”

He explains on RedShark News, “After shooting all the stuff, I brought them into After Effects and messed around with available plug-ins and techniques for some time, settling on using Boris Continuum’s Cartooner effect to get close to the vector effect I wanted.  I had to do some layering of the same shot to get it to act like I wanted, and I tweaked the parameters seemingly forever, but again having good green screen material was important, because even the cartooner effect will crap out around the edges if there is noise present.  For the final shots, I wanted to homage the star fields that were present in seemingly most early arcade games, so I added a basic particle layer behind everything, and I think that was key to the arcade game vibe while adding more excitement and movement overall to the video.”

Watch below and read the full story here.