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Adobe Premiere Pro Workflow Enables ‘DamNation’ Post

Edited with an all-Adobe workflow, DamNation is a documentary focusing on dam removal in the United States that was co-directed by Travis Rummel and Ben Knight. Explains Rummel, Many dams have brought and continue to bring a lot of good to the American people, but there are also a lot of them that have been abandoned and are wreaking havoc on our ecosystems.”

For the film’s production, Rummel says, “We bought a RED ONE and a RED EPIC and shot the whole film with those two cameras. We switched to Premiere Pro because it supports REDCODE raw. Everyone told us we were crazy to do a long-form documentary with 10 to 11 terabytes of raw footage and keep it in a raw workflow, but we did it anyway.”

Knight adds, “We were told that’s what Premiere Pro is built for and we should trust it. Sure enough, it came through for us. It was incredible working with raw files throughout the process and starting the color correction along the way. More than half of the footage is 5K edited on a 1080 timeline so we could zoom in as far as we wanted or pan across a landscape. I’m surprised that more people don’t want to edit in raw.”