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Adobe Premiere Pro Speeds Up Workflow for Historical Civil Rights Documentary ‘Dolores’

Peter Bratt’s Sundance documentary


tells the courageous but little-known story of lifelong activist Dolores Huerta. Editor Jessica Congdon speaks to the Adobe blog about using Premiere Pro to cut the documentary.

Working with Premiere Pro has become so second nature to me it’s hard to remember what it was like before,” says Congdon. “I love its organization structure and how it links directly to files. We shot with a three-camera setup, with one camera shooting 4K and the others shooting regular HD. We were able to sync those up and load the 4K and HD content into Premiere Pro without transcoding. Because it is a historical documentary, we also had more than 200 hours of archival footage. We had many different sources and were able to bring everything in without transcoding, which made the workflow so much quicker.”

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