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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Version 4.1 Update

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 is a free update for existing customers of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 provides a compatibility update that advances Adobe’s leadership in enabling open, flexible post-production workflows. The update is expected to be available in late May via the Adobe updater and from

Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1 offers several important updates, including:

• More Efficient Tapeless Workflows—with No Transcoding or Rewrapping
• RED camera compatibility. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 supports changes in an updated RED plug-in (soon available at to provide improved compatibility in native RED post-production workflows and more control over RAW settings:
• Better compatibility with native R3D content using fractional resolutions to support editing and finishing workflows on lower-powered systems, including laptops.  
• R3D file format support in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Media Browser panel, allowing customers to view RED clips directly without having to navigate through multiple folders.
• Both Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 and Adobe After Effects CS4 version 9.0.2 provide a true file-based workflow for RED R3D files, without transcoding or rewrapping, when used in conjunction with RED’s beta plug-in available at Native handling of RED R3D augments Adobe’s existing support of Sony XDCAM EX and HD, Panasonic P2, and AVCHD tapeless formats, providing users with software-only HD workflows from capture to output.

RED has made a number of changes to its plug-in to coincide with the release of the updates to the Adobe products. These changes include:
• Ability to adjust white balance and color matrix settings on RED R3D clips, enabling users to create the right look and feel for viewing and editing native RED content.
• In addition to downloading the RED plug-in, customers must update their software to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 and Adobe After Effects CS4 version 9.0.2, accessible for free through the Adobe update manager in the Help menu of the applications.

Interoperability with Avid Media Composer software
• Import Avid sequences and media – Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.1 provides improved interoperability with Avid Media Composer software through AAF bug fixes and compatibility with content in the commonly-used MXF-wrapped IMX format. The changes in the 4.1 update allow editors to import Avid projects without recapturing media files. This builds upon Adobe Premiere Pro’s open, flexible workflow with 3rd party software. Editors who are using Final Cut Pro, Digidesign Pro Tools, and Avid solutions can now more easily tap the high level of integration and unique features offered in Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium.  In addition to the additional AAF project interchange options, Final Cut Pro users can transfer projects directly to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 without conversions or re-rendering, preserving commonly-used effects and transitions.
• Once files are in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, features such as Adobe Dynamic Link provide tighter-than-ever integration when moving assets among Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and Soundbooth CS4, saving invaluable time that would otherwise be spent in intermediate rendering. To help users manage footage, Speech Search in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 turns spoken dialog into text-based metadata that makes video searchable. Project output can be delivered virtually anywhere, including exporting through Adobe Encore CS4 to Blu-ray, DVD, and the Web. Customers can also streamline audio editing by exporting audio in OMF for interchange with audio workstations, and then importing the final mix back into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

• Better Support for Leading Post-Production Hardware
• More options to accelerate and extend the post-production workflow. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 includes software fixes for a number of compatibility issues, which enables full HD workflows on leading post-production hardware – including AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox video cards. These products allow customers to extend the capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software to handle any post-production workflow.  As an open, customizable system with broad support for leading post-production hardware, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 gives you more options to accelerate and extend your editing workflow.
• Customers can add uncompressed SD and HD acquisition with a choice of hardware cards from third-party vendors (such as AJA, Blackmagic Design, and Matrox.)
• Faster performance and responsiveness with full support for 64-bit computing platforms to accelerate compute-intensive post-production tasks. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is architected to take advantage of the additional memory available in 64-bit systems. Version 4.1 includes numerous bug fixes in all areas of the workflow, including a number of changes to address slow project load times. For more information about using Production Premium applications on 64-bit systems, please refer to the whitepaper.