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Adobe No Longer Sells Perpetual Licenses to Creative Suite

Adobe has now gotten rid of the option to purchase a perpetual license to its older version of Creative Suite software, eschewing it for a subscription-only based model in Creative Cloud.

Fstoppers‘s Tihomir Lazarov opines on this change, writing, “I remember when the Creative Cloud subscription was first pushed to the public. All Creative Suite products have been diligently put deeper into Adobe’s website, so it was very hard to find them. At that time, I was using Photoshop Elements, and it served me quite well for my photography projects. Being a subscriber to something I use on a daily basis doesn’t feel right to me. It’s like paying rent to use my kitchen utensils. If software doesn’t work well, nobody will buy it. If it works, the users will buy it and many will not think of upgrading to the next version unless they need something more.”

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