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Adobe Introduces Adobe Premiere 6.5

Adobe Systems, the leader in network publishing, today announced anew version of Adobe Premiere, the company’s award-winning digitalvideo editing software. From realtime preview and the Adobe TitleDesigner to support for MPEG-2 export and DVD authoring, Adobe Premiere6.5 provides a complete editing environment to create and deliverprofessional, polished video productions.

Adobe Premiere 6.5 provides the widest range of video hardwaresupport, including the latest Sony DVCam devices and leadingthird-party capture cards, allowing editors to customize their workflowto suit their needs. Whether editing in realtime on a laptop or usingan uncompressed, multi-layer realtime system, Adobe Premierecomplements almost any editing suite.

“Our clients require the full range of marketing services, fromconcept to production of DVDs, CD-ROMs, and web content,” says DennisChominsky, president of PFS Marketwyse, an integrated advertising andmarketing firm with clients such as JVC Professional and WashingtonMutual. “The professional features in Adobe Premiere 6.5 enable us toproduce client projects of exceptional quality more efficiently thanever before.”

During the editing process, realtime preview capabilities in AdobePremiere 6.5 allow video editors to dramatically improve productivityby reducing the time spent rendering projects. Editors can instantlyview effects, titles, and transitions as they are made. In addition,video editors can enhance their projects with broadcast-quality titlesequences created in the new Adobe Title Designer. With more than 100pre-designed templates and typographical controls, including outlinedtext, leading, and kerning, users can quickly create eye-catchingresults. Adobe Premiere 6.5 also adds more than 90 high-quality Adobefonts chosen for video titling.

“With its unparalleled hardware support, advanced new features, andsupport for multiple platforms, Adobe Premiere is the most versatileprofessional video editing tool on the market,” says Bryan Lamkin,Adobe senior vice president of graphics. “Whether creating a digitalfilm, documentary, or training video, Adobe Premiere 6.5 users have thepower to create video productions that get noticed.” Adobe Premiere 6.5delivers complete, affordable video editing tools for producingprofessional-quality video for DVD, videotape, the Internet, CD-ROM,and film. Windows users can export MPEG-2 files using the new AdobeMPEG Encoder and then use the bundled version of DVDit! LE to authorDVDs. Macintosh users benefit from integration with Apple iDVD and DVDStudio Pro that makes it possible to export MPEG-2 files straight fromthe Adobe Premiere timeline.

Editors looking to sweeten their audio can access advanced audiofeatures in Adobe Premiere 6.5. For example, Sonic Desktop’s SmartSoundQuickTracks, and 11 new source tracks, provide royalty-free audio thatcan be altered to fit the length of any project. Also included arethree TC Works DirectX plug-ins for Windows and TC Works SparkLE, atwo-track stereo audio editor, for Mac OS.

Adobe continues to offer unparalleled product integration betweenAdobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator software thatmake up the Adobe Digital Video Collection. Adobe Premiere 6.5 includesfive more special effect filters from Adobe After Effects, includingBlend, Channel Blur, Directional Blur, and Lightning. Adobe Premiere6.5 supports the latest operating systems, including Windows XP and MacOS X.

For a complete list of Adobe Premiere 6.5 features, please visit

In the United States and Canada, Adobe Premiere 6.5 for Windows XP,98SE, 2000, ME, and Macintosh OS 9 and OS X is expected to ship in thethird quarter of 2002. The estimated street price is $549 for allplatforms. Registered users of earlier versions of Adobe Premiere canupgrade to version 6.5 for $149. Adobe Premiere 6.5 will also beupdated in the next version of the Adobe Digital Video Collection.Information on other language versions is available at