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Adam Smith Mixes a Heist Film with an Intimate Family Drama in ‘Trespass Against Us’

Adam Smith’s debut feature film

Trespass Against Us

is part crime caper, part intimate family story, part drama, and part comedy. It’s based on a real-life family of travelers in rural 

Gloucestershire with Smith drawn to the genre-straddling parts of the story right from the start.

“We talked right at the beginning about a heist film, and all the exciting chases and everything else, but felt it’s not that interesting unless it’s about family,” he tells

Creative Review.

“It is about universal truths and it does allow you a way in…I love going to the cinema and being taken into a world you’ve never been in before but feeling like you understand it, and you’re there and being moved and relating – and that’s what I felt with that script.”

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