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Adam Sjoberg Tells Inspiring Story of Young Breakdancers in ‘Shake the Dust’

Filmmaker Adam Sjoberg talks to Fast Company‘s Co.Create about Shake the Dust, his documentary about young breakdancers from developing nations ranging from Uganda to Yemen.

He explains, “It was really important for me to not over-sensationalize their stories. It was just, let them tell it, and let it speak for itself. I’ve said this many times, but I think one of our first reactions when we think about kids that live in a slum or an underserved neighborhood is pity. And I think pity has a place sometimes, but pitying someone is sort of looking down on someone, and that is what I wanted to avoid, the feeling that we, as a Western audience, were looking down on these people. If anything I look up to these kids, genuinely, and when they tell their stories to you, they’re not told to elicit pity. That’s not at all the vibe that you get from them.”

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