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Adam Curtis Finds His Audience for Latest Documentary on the Internet

Journalist/filmmaker Adam Curtis talks to Filmmaker Magazine about his body of work and why he specifically created his latest archival footage documentary, Bitter Lake, for the Internet.

Says Curtis, “I am just a journalist. I think there’s a whole audience out there that have sort of got bored with all sorts of traditional media. Not just movies like this, but television, the sort of stuff that my organization does — lots of traditional journalism. They’ve moved away from this, because it doesn’t respond to the way they see the world, their sensibility. It’s not quick and clever and emotional, and it’s not about politics and power. A lot of things have got very rigid. What I was almost self-consciously trying to do with this film was to try and break out of it a bit by fusing the sort of more traditional journalism that I do with the stuff I borrow from art, from all sorts of places. To try and create a new sensibility,  a new show. I know that audience, it’s online.”

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