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Action Sports Covered with Sachtler’s CF 100 L Tripod

Australian-born cameraman/photographer and former professional kayaker Dan Campbell-Lloyd offers a unique perspective on the world of action sports. His visuals can be seen in Focused, a series that airs on European adventure sports network Rush HD.

Dan Campbell-Lloyd relies on Sachtler to shoot the Reef Hawaiian Pro surfing competition.

“I’ve been using Sachtler products for more than ten years and simply couldn’t do a project without them,” Campbell-Lloyd says. “Each of my tripods [Sachtler Ace L fluid head and Sachtler Video 18P fluid head with Sachtler CF 100 L tripod] have outlasted and outperformed any similar equipment that I or my friends have had. The equipment just works in every condition, from the freezing cold mountains in Alaska to being jammed in the back of a kayak on the Congo River. Sachtler is simply smooth, tough and reliable every time.

“Right now I’m shooting the Triple Crown of Surfing,” he continues. “I’m using my Canon EOS 7D, RED EPIC and my Ace L and Video 18P. Sachtler helped me capture images of the first big swell of the winter. The surf was big and so was the crowd at Waimea Bay.”

This shoot was a piece of cake for Campbell-Lloyd compared to some of his challenges. “In the winter of 2012 I was shooting for MSP Films in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska,” he recalls. “Normally on these trips we would have two or three shooters and a photographer—this trip was just three athletes, two guides and me up in the helicopter. The cool thing was that we could just fly around and ski anything we wanted. The hard thing was that I could only bring so much gear. Without my very light and stable Sachtler tripod, none of the shots would have been possible.”