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Aardman Nathan Love Produces Interactive Video for FEMA

Animation studio Aardman Nathan Love teamed with agency Ogilvy Washington to craft a choose-your-own-adventure style video, “You Are the Help Until Help Arrives,” for a program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division.

An interactive video that educates the public on simple actions to take in the event of an emergency, the project puts viewers in control of making lifesaving decisions for injured amusement park patrons. “The idea was to create this whimsical world where the characters get into all sorts of crazy incidents. We wanted to entertain and educate viewers on how they could really save lives should they find themselves in similar situations,” explains ANL director Ellen Su.

“The scope of the project was bigger than we had imagined, with so many individual videos, characters and environments. There was a lot to plan for, a lot to execute and then a lot to put together,” says Su. “Our goal, though, was to make fun, interactive content where the viewer could learn and see the results of their actions.”

The interactive video is online at